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19 y 20 de octubre de 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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iMachining 2D


iMachining, the revolution in CNC machining, is fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS and makes you and your CNC machines more profitable and more competitive than ever before.

iMachining is a real breakthrough in CNC milling tool path technology that enables extremely faster and deeper machining by optimizing tool cutting angles and feed rates throughout the tool path.

iMachining saves you 70% savings and more in cycle times, while dramatically increasing your tool life.

SolidCAM’s iMachining has the exclusive patented iMachining Technology Wizard, the industry’s first and only Wizard that automatically calculates optimal sets of Cutting conditions for the iMachining tool path.

The Wizard provides synchronized values of feed rate, spindle speed, axial depth of cut, cutting angles and chip thickness based on the mechanical properties of the workpiece and tool, while also keeping within the machine limits.


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