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17 & 18 noviembre 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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The business idea consists in the design, development, production and sales of innovative products and services with another technological value, and more specifically: innovative tapping and drilling machine tools, ergonomic articulated arms and high-tech manipulators. These innovative assets allow, through specialized dedicated software, the automation of work, bringing lower labor costs, easly uses and risks’s reduction deriving from prolonged and persistent lifting of border-line loads, according to the new European and Worldwilde regulations of handling. In essence, the machines we will build are ergonomic functional aids to production, which will create synergies between the operator and the other machines in the production chain: they are called “COBOT”, that is collaborative robots that, working in safety, will give the possibility to bring this new technology not only in large factories but also in small and medium-sized enterprises manufacturing.
Our project will involve three different product segments:
– TAPPING MACHINES used to perform tapping operations in pre-machined holes, in which electronic alternative will be introduced a new generation of low voltage system, to obtain greater safety without losing efficiency. The articulated arm tapping machine will be equipped with a 750Watt 220v Brushless motor with encoder that will allow you to check the number of revolutions, with torque control during processing to avoid breaking the taps, the electronic or optical laser control for adjustment of thread depth and atomization adduction for tool lubrication. Brushless technology will characterize this range, guaranteeing high reliability and low maintenance costs. The control unit will be an indispensable tool in any engineering, industrial or electronic sector thanks to the transversal integration of its components. The traceability and repeatability of the operations deriving from the “self-learning” function of the X and Y coordinates on the different holes makes the tapping, will give full control of the system, even remotely, greatly simplifying the operations to be performed by the operator.
The quick-change spindle will provide the right combination to proceed with the tool change, used in combination with the tested support, the drilling, tapping, the insertion of inserts and helicoil (components very used in the wood and plastic sector), and die holder bushes . All these processes can be performed with just one machine. The easy and rapid The interchange of the different tools is the strong point of the product. The round graduated head will allow the operator to tap and drill at all angles for 360 °, always having the certainty of respecting the perpendicular angle in relation to the reference plane of 90 °.
– ARTICULATED ARMS will have the function of supporting the heavy weight, which, nowdays, supports the operator during the entire working day. The goal is to improve the so-called “dangerous” workstations by the new EEC regulations. The traditional use applications concern the sustenance of screwdrivers, grinders, magnetic drills, drills, but not only: the major development sector concerns the so-called “custom” application. The whole society is changing in this sense and the offer of products is so vast that the demand for customized components is always greater. Our idea is to reach new market segments too. For example, in the medical sector where the use of monitors and pads is constantly growing thanks to the new technologies introduced, the articulated arm would allow the doctor, with a simple move, to visualize on the screen how much of competence during a patient’s operation and to easily put the PLC in the unused position. The possibility of having diversified terminals or boom heads makes it possible to reach a diverse portion of the market. Movements will be possible not only vertically, but also horizontally or in the required gradation.
– MANIPULATORS: articulated arm structures with pneumatic actuation or through load cell. They allow handling and lifting of various types of workload in the various operating conditions present in the different production situations allows the operator to obtain less fatigue for maximum comfort at the same time to maximize the productivity of the workstation.

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Triple brazos articulados “Zero Gravity” tienen la función de soportar el gran peso, que hoy sostiene al operador durante toda la jornada laboral. Area de trabajo 2000mm desde 0,5 hasta 40 kg. El objetivo es mejorar los puestos de trabajo denominados “peligrosos” de la nueva normativa CEE. Las aplicaciones de uso tradicional se refieren al mantenimiento de destornilladores, amoladoras, taladros magnéticos, taladros, pero no solo: el principal sector de desarrollo se refiere a la aplicación personalizada. Todo el mundo industrial está cambiando en este sentido y la oferta de productos es tan amplia que la demanda de componentes personalizados está aumentando. Nuestro desafío es llegar a nuevos segmentos de mercado: por ejemplo, en el sector médico donde el uso de almohadillas de monitor está en constante crecimiento gracias a las nuevas tecnologías introducidas, el brazo articulado permitiría al personal médico, con un simple movimiento, ver en la pantalla cómo mucho perteneciente a la operación de un paciente. La posibilidad de tener terminales o cabezales de brazo diversificados le permite llegar a una porción variada del mercado. Será posible realizar movimientos en todos los ángulos.

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