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30 de septiembre & 1 de octubre de 2020

Feria de Madrid, Madrid, España

Fundacion TECNALIA Rearch & Innovation

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TECNALIA Research and Innovation offers technological services related to the behavior in service of materials and components in different areas (mechanical, corrosion, friction, high temperature, biological, fire, acoustic, etc.). The knowledge of the materials and their properties throughout the life of the component is crucial in terms of efficiency, durability, integrity and safety.

TECNALIA has an extensive network of laboratories accredited by ENAC and Nadcap for testing materials. In addition to evaluating metallic materials, it evaluates polymeric materials, cement-based materials, glass, wood, etc. We focus our activity mainly on the development, validation, quality control and certification of products and components. We have multidisciplinary infrastructures with leading teams in their respective areas of specialization.

Services offered:
• Failure and prevention analysis (RCA).
• Selection of materials, processes and protection systems.
• State Assessment and Prediction of Residual Life.
• Damage tolerance (Flaw Assessment, ECA, EFFS-FFP).
• Structural integrity (FFS-ECA).
• Design and monitoring of inspection plans.
• Monitoring and extension of life (predictive maintenance).
• Product development.
• Product validation.
• Quality control of materials and process
• Characterization of materials
• Technical assistance in R & D projects

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