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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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Tech Cool 35630 MD12 / MD24 – Oil-free lubricants for stamping


Moving away from a mineral oil-based lubricant to an oil-free lubricant offers multiple advantages and cost savings.
Our lubrication technology is based on water-borne polymers, 100% oil-free – both of mineral and synthetic oils – with excellent cleanability.
Our lubricants provide an excellent lubrication and low oil-free residue on drawn parts, making possible welding without prior degreasing, without any sign of the usual residues found with oil-based lubes around the weld.
Concerning health & safety, our lubricants are NON-hazardous products and do not include any hazard warning pictogram on the labeling.
About our products, Tech Cool® 35630 MD12 is suited for steel and HDG stamping, blanking and punching in presses up to 1.200 tons. Tech Cool® 35630 MD24 provides higher performance, suited for more severe drawing processes.