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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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Sololube – precise electromechanical single-point lubrication


Sololube is a reliable, easy-to-operate lubricant dispenser with an electromechanical drive. Its precise delivery system makes Sololube equally suitable for the automatic lubrication of roller and friction bearings, gear racks, open transmissions or chains.

In addition to classic battery operation, the Sololube lubricant dispenser is also available with external 24V power supply.
Practical fact: With the 24V adapter even customers who are already using the battery-operated device can easily and inexpensively switch to an external power supply.

Your benefits:
– Precise, reliable delivery of lubricant
– Delivery pressure 7.5 bar (109 psi)
– Dispensing period 1–12 months
– Visual warning of malfunction (LED)
– Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
– Can be used outdoors
– Independent of temperature
– Visual check possible at all times
– Hose up to 1.5 m (grease) or 5 m (oil) long
– Special fillings available

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