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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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Almacam Weld, offline programming software for arc-welding robots


Almacam Weld allows you to optimize the utilization rate of your welding robots resulting in increased flexibility and improved productivity. Through a graphic interface, Almacam Weld allows you to program a robot from a virtual scene and simulate its movements. The assemblies to weld, together with the tooling, are imported from a 3D CAD system.
Almacam Weld combines welder know-how together with programming and simulation tools that allow you to create programs in optimal conditions, and even to validate the design of a tooling or to study a cell set-up. Thanks to Almacam Weld you can generate programs that will require no further touch-ups in the workshop.
A post-processor specifically adapted to the controller generates the programs prepared with Almacam Weld in all the robot languages. The cell calibration and customization of the post-processor make it possible to integrate all the robot self-correction functions (shifting of trajectories via sensing or joint follow-up, laser camera, etc.) Almacam Weld also manages multi-robot cells.