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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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What Functions Does Our Technical Office Offer?


Our department is in charge of applying flexible production systems and quality verification techniques of our services to the products we make. Being our main objective, to provide support to our clients before the development of a new product, contributing our knowledge about the materials and our experience acquired throughout these years.

Therefore, in the RNSinox technical office we can find different functions:
A technical department that participates and supervises all projects, a commercial area, which prepares and defines offers, a technical area that designs defining production objectives, in addition to managing all product planning and a production area, where Its main function is that the production process is carried out successfully.

Likewise, the advantages of having a technical office are very wide and it offers us numerous advantages.

We obtain greater supervision and control over the projects or products to be carried out.
The client always has a trusted team to consult or share their ideas.

Greater integration and objectivity when providing solutions
Great knowledge about the raw material
Better coordination between the different areas of the company
Cost optimization
Offer solutions or alternatives for improvement
Improvement in execution times.
Greater control and quality of products …

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