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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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Transform eBOMs into mBOMs to improve manufacturing processes and reduce costs


The transformation of an engineering bill of materials (eBOM) into a manufacturing bill of materials (mBOM) is a key aspect of the manufacturing process, as typically the design or engineering perspective, how a product is to be manufactured, differs from the planning or manufacturing perspective, how that product is intended to be manufactured.

Windchill PLM allows design engineers and manufacturing engineers to modify their respective BOMs and simultaneously update those links for both parties. This ensures that any changes made to the design of a product are communicated to the manufacturing engineers and therefore the impact of those changes is immediately known.

As a result, there is a concurrent and collaborative development between product design and manufacturing processes, which results in a significant reduction of errors and, therefore, costs.

Another key aspect of a successful manufacturing process is the process plans. These contain the detailed description of the operations to be performed, the standard processes used to carry them out, the sequence in which they must be performed, the parts related to the operation and the physical and human resources required to complete the operation.

Register for this webinar if you want to learn more about the Windchill tools that will help you reconcile and optimize product design and manufacturing processes.

What we will cover in the webinar:
– Why is it important to keep design and manufacturing processes aligned?
– How to transform an engineering bill of materials (eBOM) into a manufacturing bill of materials (mBOM)?
– Benefits and functionalities of Windchill tools related to eBOM – mBOM transformation and manufacturing process plans.

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