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30th September and 1st October 2020

Feria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

SNAPLOC® conquers the Rocky Mountains


Since then, the Rocky Mountaineer is one of the largest privately-owned transport companies in the world having carried more than one million passengers. While sitting in specially constructed bi-level glass-domed coaches, the travelers enjoy an optimal combination of nostalgia, nature and luxury train. Four different iconic routes through Canada’s scenery can be booked and this makes the Rocky Mountaineer to one of the most popular train journeys worldwide. Due to safety reasons, the Rocky Mountaineer has an extra wagon with spare parts. For example in case of soiling or
possible damage to the seats, a quick replacement can be realised, so the journey does not have to be interrupted for a
longer time. Another important aspect is the luxury seat design. An invisible installation of fasteners is also required in order
to keep the smooth seat surface. The solution: SNAPLOC® – the decoupling plug-in connection. In cooperation with the company Probatec AG, Böllhoff has been involved in the seat development and construction from the very beginning. The experts found out instantly the optimal application area for SNAPLOC®. SNAPLOC® is a two-part system – consisting of ball stud and coupling – for quick assembly.
The ball stud cuts a thread into the plastic underpart of the seat. As the counterpart, the coupling is mounted by simply being pushed into the seat attachment frame. Inside the coupling, a ball socket is formed in which the ball stud can snap into. Push-on to assemble, pull-off to remove: simple assembly and disassembly of SNAPLOC® facilitate significantly the seat replacement. But that is not all.
SNAPLOC® also decouples any noise or vibration which might occur while driving with the train. In each seat, five SNAPLOC® systems with a diameter of 10 mm are used.





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