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30th September and 1st October 2020

Feria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

REBARINOX, new trademark of the Acerinox Group


Among the latest products manufactured by the Acerinox Group, the stainless steel rebar designed for construction stands out, under a new brand, REBARINOX.
– Long-lasting solution against the risk of corrosion by carbonation or in the presence of chlorides for reinforced concrete infrastructures.
– Lower total cost during the more than 100 years of life cycle, which are currently required for new public infrastructures in different countries, taking into account the savings due to the absence of maintenance operations due to corrosion damage.
– Its use is also competitive in the rehabilitation of reinforced concrete infrastructures already damaged by corrosion, both public and private, in which stainless steel rebar replaces the damaged reinforcement of carbon steel. The higher cost of stainless steel rebar is practically compensated by the savings in cleaning operations, with the greater necessary breaking of concrete cover for this, corrosion inhibitors and repair mortar. The final extra cost resulting from the repair with stainless will be small and already well paid back in a subsequent maintenance operation, that its use will prevent.
-The inherent corrosion resistance of stainless steel may allow, in some cases, subject to current local construction regulations, to reduce depth of concrete cover , and a greater crack width in some aggressive exposure environments.
-Its superior ductility and energy dissipation capacity versus carbon steel is considered advantageous for use in environments with risk of seismic load.

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