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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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Lorch simplifies digitization without any risk! With the innovative Speed processes, Lorch has taken a big step towards smart welding. The digital interconnection of these processes allows us to continue advancing on this path in a consistent way. To do this, we are guided by two fundamental premises: it has to be easy and it has to bring immediate benefit in practice. The result of all this is Lorch Connect – safely enter the world of digital welding!

The Lorch Connect platform serves as a link between the user, the welding team and Lorch Connect. In addition to welding data, which can be transmitted directly from the equipment, the platform can also receive production-relevant data, via an optional scanner, such as order number or component information. Via WLAN, all of this will be directly at your disposal on the Lorch Connect portal. If your WLAN coverage is poor or you are working in production environments prone to interference, you can also install a wired network connection.


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