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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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The highly versatile laser technology can be applied in cutting and engraving, laser marking and even cleaning. Laser welding is increasingly present in different industries and can be used on metal surfaces, stainless steel or other welding processes. The laser welding machine has a fiber laser and is designed to be easy and comfortable to use, it has an interactive integrated control system that can vary the range, angle and width of the weld, according to the work to be done depending on the surface.
The laser welding equipment is the latest generation of fiber lasers, equipped with a system for laser welding. This equipment is easy to use, with a fine, high-speed welding line and the possibility of not using consumables.
Fiber laser welding can be used on surfaces such as stainless steel plates, carbon steel, aluminium or galvanized plates, this allows to replace the arc welding system.
TIG welding can have a penetration of up to 1.5mm, whereas laser welding can reach up to 5mm. Also, laser welding has high speeds, with very fast welds. The deformation in this type of welding is minimal and with the laser welding a great experience is not required on the part of the welder. Other advantages that we would highlight of laser welding would be: the low generation of fumes, the possibility of working very small and detailed seams, no consumables are needed, it eliminates the need to polish later, it allows a work without discoloration and does not leave weld marks.



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