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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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Vector 0 Metrologia is an official distributor of ScanTech, a worldwide manufacturer of 3D scanners. It has a wide range of portable 3D scanning devices, as well as automated inspection solutions.

It also offers specialized services in industrial metrology. Solutions for dimensional control of products and tools. From 3D scanning to laser tracker measurement, reverse engineering, and software training and use of measurement devices, both fixed and portable.

It provides specialized services to the automotive, aeronautical, railway, and naval sectors, as well as in the development of products and processes for all types of industry.

Producto destacado

iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

iReal 2E color 3D scanner maximizes the performance in depth of field, scanning area, algorithm, texture reproduction and detail capturing, specially designed for medium to large-sized objects and human body 3D scanning. iReal 2E adopts the infrared VCSEL structured light technology to bring you the safest and most comfortable 3D scanning experience. Without attaching markers, a quick texture capturing and geometry acquisition can be achieved. Mixed alignment modes meet various scanning situations. With the advantages of cutting-edge algorithm functions, easy-to-use software, ergonomic design, portable and durable, iReal 2E creates an efficient, accurate and rich texture 3D color measurement solution.

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