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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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TECNIMETAL is an integral provider of quality control solutions, with 36 years of experience in the Spanish market. It specializes in consulting of measurement systems, equipment supply, user training, customer support (technical assistance of hardware and software), measurement service and in the design and implementation of measurement and turnkey engineering projects . Our solutions:
• Three-dimensional machines
• Portable measuring arms
• 3D laser scanners
• Structured light scanning systems
• Universal measuring machines of a coordinate.
• Vision measurement systems
• Roughness, profile and roundness systems
• Durometers and microdurometers
• Test machines, dynamometers, torque meters
• Metallographic machines.
• Software

Producto destacado

Zenith III 3D coordinate measuring machine

Zenith 3 CNC CMM is the result of the design evolution of the award-winning Zenith machine range, taking into account more than 20 years of CMM design experience. Many of the design improvements revolve around the right column of the machine, which has been modeled on the basis of the successful Azimuth machine. The bridge and all moving parts are light and this, combined with a superior design, means that the Zenith 3 has very low inertia and, therefore, more than optimal acceleration characteristics. The new Zenith III has improved being faster and minimizing inspection times. Greater separation of the air bearing results in greater rigidity, and therefore has improved accuracy significantly. The first window for the user is an improvement of one micron compared to Zenith II. All this comes without price increase: the Zenith 3 CMM has the same price as the previous model. That already was competitive and for which its predecessor Zenith II was famous, so large-scale CMM measurements are not only simple, but also affordable.

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