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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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Tools and consumables for sheet metal punching machines, press brakes and lasers of all kind:

– Tools for punching machines:
– Tools for press brakes:
– Optics, protective lenses and nozzles for all kind of lasers:

Machinery for panels, punching, bending and fiber laser cutting:

– Punzonadoras CNC desde formato o bobina
– Plegadoras CNC hidráulicas y eléctricas
– Paneladoras CNC manuales, semiautomáticas y automáticas
– Laser Fibra hasta 30 Kw

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This is the premiere that we all have been waiting for. Another surprise and inspiration from the pioneer in the field of fiber laser technology – Eagle Lasers. Brand new 30kW iNspire machine that sets the new standard for speed, reliability, quality and power. This is only the beginning. Let us show you its full potential. Enhanced efficiency Today we deliver on the market the fastest and most reliable fiber laser cutting system with controlled 30kW power. With decreased production time, less energy consumption, and most importantly, lower cost per part, we proudly provide a new level of productivity and efficiency. Reduced piercing time Our engineers work every day to improve our technologies. In the latest iNspire 1530 F30.0 machine, the piercing time has been reduced to a minimum in order to ensure the highest effectiveness and uninterrupted operation of the machine. Highest return on investment We are changing the industry by providing continuous innovations that aim to empower our customers. After months of research, tests, and development, we can proudly present a system that will generate the highest return on your investment. With its state-of-art construction, low operating costs, minimal service requirements, and reliable components, you can reach the new, exceptional level in cost-effectiveness. Lowest cost per part on the market Our goal is to provide our customers with key values. One of them is their profit. By increasing efficiency and productivity, we decrease your cost per part to a minimum. So let the numbers speak for themselves and see how you can benefit from the most powerful machine on the market. Best cutting head in the industry

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