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We design and manufacture highly integrated and reliable solutions for service industries and research institutions worldwide. We help our clients integrate robotics into their organisations, fully adapted to their project and or business needs.

PAL Robotics started in 2004, when a small group of engineers built the first fully autonomous humanoid biped robot in Europe. With over 16 years of experience in R&D, today we are known for our humanoid and mobile robots used for research, logistics, retail and social applications for companies, institutions and labs.

Our mission is to enhance people’s quality of life through service robotics and automation technologies. Robots are able to make a difference by collaborating with humans, providing support for domestic tasks and increasing efficiency in industrial workflows.

We have a multinational group of employees from over 20 nationalities and are highly engineering focused – with 80% of employees being engineers. We have sold our robotic platforms in more than 35 countries worldwide. All of our platforms are designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

PAL Robotics´ research has led to the creation of several biped and wheeled humanoid robots.
Today we are focused on:
● Bi pedal legged robots for R&D – such as TALOS
● Independent mobile robots for logistics and inventory tracking – such as TIAGo Base and StockBot
● Mobile manipulators for assistive and industrial applications – such as TIAGo
● Social humanoid robotics for interaction with people and use in public spaces. – such as REEM-C and ARI
● Quadruped robots – such as SOLO 12 Advanced Quadruped Platform in collaboration with the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative

A history in our development of robots:
● 2005 – REEM-A
● 2008 – REEM-B
● 2010 . REEM-H1
● 2012 – REEM
● 2013 – REEM-C
● 2015 – StockBot & TIAGo
● 2017 – TALOS
● 2019 – ARI
● 2021 – SOLO 12 (with the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative)

We also offer a range of robotic components – including actuation modules, robotic arms, and mobile bases along with software, i.e. navigation and manipulation software. We develop customizable, tailor-made platforms and modular robotic parts that adjust to your needs.

Our robots operate in crowded environments, and are regularly used in shopping malls, museums and conference centers, ensuring interaction with hundreds of people. Safety considerations are included in the design of the robots and movements definition.

PAL Robotics is one of the founding members of EU Robotics, an association whose main mission is to collaborate with the European Commission to develop and implement a strategy and a roadmap for research, technological development and innovation in robotics to ensure Europe’s competitiveness in the global ecosystem.

We are also involved in numerous collaborative projects in different industries such as manufacturing, retail, research and healthcare along with numerous EU-funded research projects.

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TIAGo robot combines perception, navigation, manipulation & Human-Robot Interaction skills out of the box. TIAGo’s abilities open many possibilities for applications in complex industrial scenarios and a standard research platform for manipulation, perception and autonomous navigation. The robot is well suited for applications in the healthcare sector and light industry, specifically for its manipulation capabilities and modular design, as demonstrated by the several European Projects that choose the robot as a research platform. TIAGo is one of the most used robots for research in universities and innovation centers all over the world. TIAGo robot has a modular design and can be configured based on our customers’ needs. The arm has a large manipulation workspace, being able to reach the ground as well as high shelves. The end effector can be a gripper or a humanoid hand and they can be quickly exchanged for performing various manipulation tasks. Here are some of TIAGo’s key features: – Adapt TIAGo to your research needs by customizing the robot from the start with its countless expansion possibilities. – Artificial Intelligence – TIAGo robot combines perception, navigation, manipulation & Human-Robot Interaction skills out of the box. – Used in research areas including: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Human-Robot Interaction, Manipulation and Perception. – Use in competitions including: RoboCup and IROS Mobile Manipulation Hackathon. – TIAGo comes with one language and one voice. Additional languages or voices can be added under customer demand. – Fields of application include: Factory of the Future, Smart Cities and IoT and Ambient Assisted Living. – ROS Tutorials – TIAGo has ROS tutorials available to get started with its open source simulation, which you can download online.

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Job Offers


Senior Autonomous Navigation Engineer

We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Software Engineer in the area of SLAM and autonomous navigation.
The ideal candidate has strong knowledge in C++/Python software development as well as proven experience leading and mentoring software engineers to help improve their skills, efficiency and productivity.

The selected individual will be part of the team responsible for developing, integrating and maintaining the autonomous navigation system on Pal Robotics robots both with wheels and legs.

The robots are going to work in real environments and for this reason safety, robustness, fault detection and recovery should be taken into account during the project design and implementation process.

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Robot Field Technician

We are looking for technicians to provide remote and on-site servicing to our customers. This includes validation, installation and/or re-configuration of robots, follow up of deployed robots, diagnosis of issues, maintenance and repair interventions.

As a Field Technician you will be able to participate in the assembly, calibration, validation and installation of robots; fulfill the configuration of its tasks; assess the performance of the robots and the tasks executed; provide insights on how to optimize the performance of the robots and contribute to improve the different life cycles of the different products and internal procedures.

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Senior Software Engineer

We are looking for Senior Software Engineers with strong knowledge in C++/Python software development as well as proven experience leading and mentoring software engineers to help improve their skills, efficiency and productivity.

As a Senior Software Development Engineer you will have the opportunity for end-to-end ownership of impactful product features from invention to design and implementation. As a leader on the team you will influence our strategy and drive best practices that enable a quality product. You will be responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s core applications and validation tools, and testing software and robotic platforms.

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