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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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Since 1.967 METRONIC, S.A. has supplied Metrology and Quality Control instruments to the most diverse sectors of the market. This permanent contact with our clients has allowed us to incorporate into our product range a wide range of instruments allowed to provide solutions to the different measurement problems in the industry.

Our intention is to offer specific solutions. Not only the supply of a certain instrument but to advise our clients on the different possibilities offered by the market and provide the best solution to meet their needs.

Profitability is a term that should be used in all production systems. Because of this quality control and verification instrumentation must meet this requirement. Therefore, our company puts at your disposal all the experience acquired over 50 years to offer you the appropriate technical support.

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Scanbox: Automated measuring machines

In industrial environments, automated 3D scanning cells have become a fundamental tool in manufacturing and production processes. The ATOS ScanBox is designed and built to industry standards to ensure maximum safety and mobility. As standardised systems, a different solution is offered for each application and this allows for shorter delivery and commissioning times. All ScanBox models consist of an ATOS 3D scanner, robot, rotary table, automation software, safety cabinet and other components that in their different dimensions and performance complete a standardised solution for every industry application.

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