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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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The main products of our line are, High Performance Tools for Punching and Folding Machines, Laser Consumables, Sheet Metal Deburring and Polishing Machines, as well as an extensive range of Punching, Bending and Laser machinery; In addition to Auxiliary Machinery always within the field of sheet metal working.

From the beginning, since more than 35 years ago, MECOS has always invested in the quality of products, service and solutions.

Mecos products and service have only one purpose: to help customers manufacture metal parts, and that efficiency and productivity be as high as possible. In fact 100% of our products are conditioned to the satisfaction of our customers.

Complementing the above with a highly qualified staff, MECOS is today a leading company in the sheet metal area.

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