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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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INDUSTRIAS MURTRA CADENA, S.L. (IMC), has been created to develop complete solutions in lifting, lashing and cargo ragging, based on the new Murlink Chain.
From its facilities in Granollers (Barcelona), it is the only fully integrated producer of textile chains, from the yarn to the finished product.
The Murlink Chain is made of Dyneema webbing, the strongest fiber in the world.
IMC has a technical and professional team at the disposal of the client with extensive experience in project management so that the result is done on average with maximum efficiency.

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It is the moment of the chain revolution Innoving in the field of chains is not only possible, but it is necessary, and I could do with Murlink, the only producer of synthetic chains fully integrated, from the thread to the finished product and dedicated services. We created the chain that adapts to you We have the largest product range of the market, with up to 176 tonnes of Minimum Breaking Load (44 tonnes in Lifting and 88 tons in LASHING) and the option to customize 100% the chain so that it adapts to what you need. Murlink 360 covers six important needs: – Implementation through a personalized project, to meet the needs – Manufacturing records and certification management – Support in the management of useful life – Training in the use, supervision of the installation and extension of the useful life – Troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of chains in use – On-site service on demand to solve any problem that may arise. The best chains on the market MURLink® chains are manufactured with DyneEma®, the most resistant fiber in the world ™. We have left behind the heavy steel chains to offer this new product, eight times stronger, 80% lighter and between 35 and 50% more efficient. Experience and equipment Murlink has a technical and professional team at the disposal of the client with a great experience in project management so that the result is made to measure and with maximum efficiency. The goal is clear. We want to offer a complete experience that will transform its way of working and will make the implementation of synthetic chains more secure, efficient, modern, economic and lasting on your day to day. It is the time of efficiency.

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