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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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German manufacturer of equipment for testing and analysis of materials and measurement of coatings thickness.
Present in Spain since 1983, we help your company to optimize the cost of raw materials, guaranteeing the quality of your products.

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Innovative, Top Quality Measurement Technology

Since 1953, FISCHER has created and produced increasingly innovative, powerful and versatile technologies for measuring coating thickness and nanoindentation, as well as for material analysis and testing. Today, FISCHER instruments are used all around the globe – wherever trueness, precision and reliability are essential. FISCHER instruments cover a comprehensive range of measuring and analysis tasks that are relevant in diverse industries. For each application, the appropriate method is employed for maximum precision and accuracy: whether magnetic induction or eddy current, #coulometry, nanoindentation or x-ray fluorescence – FISCHER always has the right technology for the purpose. Industrial enterprises, research centres and academic institutions worldwide depend on the reliability and accuracy of their instruments. FISCHER meets this challenge with its rigorous quality standards and commitment to develop and produce the most technically advanced – yet easy to use – measurement systems and software on the market.

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