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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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Created in 1979, Codesol is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of equipment, consumables, accessories and automation for welding. The more than 40 years in the sector have given us experience, knowledge and progress, which allows us to grow and innovate and offer continuous improvements to meet the requirements of our customers.

With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Álava, Murcia, Lleida, Baleares and commercial representations in Girona and Tarragona, in Codesol we have motivated, committed and specialized professionals in various sectors of the welding market. Our goal is to provide complete welding solutions to our customers, offering them the technical service of our equipment and presenting our products in a clear and simple way, advising them in such a way that they obtain confidence and security in the purchased product.

The personalized attention to our clients is implemented with our engineering department, which after carrying out a personalized analysis of each project, designs and manufactures welding automatisms, in accordance with the specific requirements of the applications of each client.

In turn, to maximize efficiency, maintain quality and reduce capital costs, our customers have the option to rent welding equipment, rotators, columns, positioners and other products related to welding.

Codesol is being the agent of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques since 20 years and also represents Lorch, CEA, Orbitalum, Trafimet … companies recognized as leaders in welding technology.

Range of products: ● Welding equipment, ● Orbital, ● Abrasives, ● Welding and cutting torches, ● Automatisms, ● Manipulators, ● Welding consumables, ● Accessories, ● Rental equipment.

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The core element of the optrel swiss air blower respiratory protection system is a ventilated half mask that completely covers the mouth and nose area and supplies them with purified air. A breathing space is created in the mouth and nose area which, thanks to positive pressure, supports the user in breathing and eliminates tiring breathing resistance. The half-mask, made of high-tech fabric, is designed in such a way that it can be excellently adapted to the individual thanks to a freely adjustable headband. This concept eliminates the need for time-consuming fit tests that are common with conventional half masks. The clean air comes via a Y-hose from a miniaturised blower system, which is comfortably carried by a carrying unit on the back. In this way, the user is permanently in a “positive pressure air system”, which permanently protects his respiratory tract against contaminated air.

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