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19 & 20 october 2022
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For more than 30 years, the A&J Tecno Innovacions S.L. team is dedicated to the design, manufacture and national and international sale of industrial machinery, especially in the ultrasonic cleaning field.

We have always been characterized by our strong R + D + i approach and a constant concern to reduce the environmental impact and energy cost of each application. All this while maintaining the best cleaning results and assuring the maximum durability and robustness of our equipment.

BRIO ULTRASONICS is the brand under which we collect all our ultrasonic cleaning technology and equipment. BRIO, a name that represents our values ​​of reliability, energy efficiency and superior cleaning finishes. The result of years of research and constant improvement in this field, in which we have achieved exclusive innovations.

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PRO Series 2021 – Cutting edge ultrasonic parts cleaning equipment

The 2021 PRO Series is our most complete range of single-stage cleaning equipment, with state-of-the-art BRIO emitters (new) and capacities from 150 to 7500 liters. Characteristics: – State-of-the-art BRIO ultrasonic emitters that provide maximum energy efficiency, durability and speed of cleaning. – Construction in AISI 304/316 with high thicknesses and perimeter reinforcements. – Loading of parts by pneumatic or hydraulic elevator from 1000 kg. – OPS system for the elimination of oils by decantation to an auxiliary tank. – Automatic filling and emptying systems. – Filtering systems to extend the useful life of the fluid. – Intuitive control touch panel, etc. What are state-of-the-art BRIO ultrasonic emitters? They are the result of years of research by our R&D&I department. Our manufacturing process consists of the union of the ultrasonic transducers to the emitting plate by means of a special elastic sheet and an oven process with very specific parameters. Advantages: 1. Maximum vibration transmission The transmission surface passes from the circular surface of the transducers to the entire surface of the emitter. In this way we achieve an ultrasonic energy transmission 3 times greater than that of conventional ultrasonics, reducing consumption by requiring less power. 2. Maximum durability in all working conditions BRIO emitters have a mechanical strength 12 times higher than standard emitters in ultrasonic working temperature (65 – 90 ºC). Thanks to the greater mechanical resistance we ensure the high durability of the emitter and ensure an effective and safe work at 28kHz (frequency with greater cleaning power, with the strongest bubble implosions). 3. Minimum washing times. The work in the frequencies with greater cleaning power together with a greater transmission and homogeneity of the vibration translates into a maximum speed in the cleaning.

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