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19 & 20 october 2022
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The activity of arm robotics group is mainly oriented to the automation and robotization of production lines and the associated services within all industrial sectors. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive solution in all areas related to robotization.

To achieve this 360 solution, the group is segregated into 3 companies/areas:

ARM Robotics
Being the main company, it is oriented to programming, consultancy, and engineering of robotic installations.

ARM Industrial Assemblies
It is in charge of the industrial services. It develops equipment sales and repairing work, predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance for almost all robot manufacturers.
Within this area we have agreements as a technical service partner with the robot manufacturers MITSUBISHI and YASKAWA.

ARM Robotics Institute
It is oriented to training in the field of robotics, both traditional and collaborative.

In June 2019 we were the first collaborative robotics training center approved and trained in Spain by the collaborative robot manufacturer UNIVERSAL ROBOTS.

On the other hand, we also have agreements with SOMORROSTRO TRAINING CENTER under the brand T4R (Training for Robotics) to impart robotics training.

This year we have launched a new training platform where we will offer online and blended courses. This training product line allows us to broaden the scope of our training to be able to reach a global level, and at the same time, to prepare for extraordinary situations such as the one we have experienced during the COVID-19 health emergency.


Our headquarter is in Barakaldo (Bizkaia) and we have one delegation in Granollers (Barcelona)

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