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19 & 20 october 2022
IFEMA, Madrid

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Ambro-Sol Spray Spain, S.L.

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Ambro-Sol is a company specializing in the production and bottling of chemical products and aerosols on behalf of third par-
Founded in the seventies from the will of Mr. Gnocchi, the company has been owned by the Ambrosini family since 1990.

Producto destacado

XT 10 10 FUNCTIONS (400 ml, 150 ml, 75 ml, 5L)

XT-10 functions with a 360° dispensing valve: A Multi-Purpose Lubricant with 10 powerful functions – unlocking, pro- tective, lubricating, penetrating, degreasing, high temperature resistant, anti- corrosion, waterproofing, anti-scuff , great solvent power (it dissolves rust). Created with active ingredients of the highest quality, it has an ultra lubricant power, ultra penetrating degreaser and is perfectly suited for the workshop, at home, in the garden, in the nautical industry, industrial, sporting goods or anywhere there is a mechanism that requires maintenance.

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