Live the power of industrial transformation

30th September and 1st October 2020

Feria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Live the power of
industrial automation

30 Setpember & 1 October 2020

Feria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

AFM- Asociación Española Del Mecanizado Y La Transformación Metalmecánica

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AFM CLUSTER is the organisation that represents Advanced Manufacturing interests in Spain. Comprising four industrial associations, it brings together more than 500 companies that employ over 16,500 people, with a turnover of more than 3.000 million euros. From its headquarters in San Sebastian and its offices in Tianjin (China), AFM CLUSTER works to promote internationalisation, industrial development, strategic positioning and training for the employees of its associated companies. AFM CLUSTER offers its services to the following four related and synergistic sectors:
• Machine tool and advanced manufacturing technologies. AFM-Advanced Manufacturing Technologies is the original association, which gives its name to the CLUSTER. With over 70 years of experience, it has almost 130 members, which supply machine tools and other manufacturing equipment, parts, accessories and cutting tools to the industry.
• Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. ADDIMAT groups some 90 companies that operate in this new sector, which will become a relevant player in many industrial sectors, such as, for example, the aerospace, biomedical or automotive sectors.
• Handheld Tools, Hardware and Industrial Supplies. ESKUIN represents almost 25 companies that manufacture handheld tools and hardware in Spain, in compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards.
• Machining and Metal Processing. Among its members, AFMEC includes the group of Spanish machining and metal processing workshops. With more than 180 member companies, its aim is to give more visibility and offer its services to one of the most relevant industrial associations in Spain.
In addition, AFM CLUSTER includes some 70 companies that offer their services to the industry, which are known as collaborating partners. All of these companies form the large family of Spanish advanced manufacturing companies. AFM CLUSTER is a member of different international associations, such as CECIMO, ECTA, or CEO, and it organises international trade fairs and events, such as the BIEMH, ADDIT3D, FERROFORMA, SUBCONTRATACIÓN, WORKINN or the CMH-Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tool Congress.

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