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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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Abax Innovation Technologies S.L.

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Abax Innovation Technologies is a company dedicated to offering comprehensive professional 3D printing services. It develops and manufactures its own 3D machinery and offers 3D consulting and training services. The great precision of our machinery allows our printing service to produce high-quality parts. Thanks also to our extensive engineering experience, our design and consulting services offer the best solutions.
Our machinery is manufactured in our facilities in Villanueva de la Cañada in Madrid and both the open 3D printer models (PRi3 and PRi5) and closed ones (TiTÁN 300 and TiTÁN 500) have a perfect guarantee and technical support.
We carry out additive manufacturing mainly for the industrial, health and advertising and communication sectors. For this we have more than 40 3D printing machines with FDM and SLA technologies.
Our clients in the industrial sector achieve great advantages by introducing 3D technology in their factories such as cost savings and increased possibilities in prototype design, short series, customization and own manufacture of spare parts and tools.
Our added value extends the 3D printing service itself with the technical knowledge of an experienced team of engineers who develop our own machinery and design solutions that are subsequently manufactured in 3D. Our advice to our clients is key to taking advantage of all the advantages that 3D printing can offer.

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Training and consulting services in 3D

Training in 3D technologies is essential in different sectors. At ABAX we firmly believe in the need for training in these technologies and for this reason, we offer different training courses of different levels and aimed at professionals in the health sector and industry.

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