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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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Abaroadrive brand present in the market since 1998, has specialized in supplying companies in different industrial sectors in the field of power transmission, and in particular in speed reducers in all its variants.

Abaroadrive has a qualified human team with extensive experience in the sector, the harmony between all the areas of our organization allows us to adapt to the different needs of each of our clients, offering them the best solution, both in their spare parts inquiries for maintenance, as well as for the development of new projects.

Abaroadrive has facilities and a stock according to the variables of the market, the composition in kits of our different products allows us a great modulation, being able to adapt to the needs of each client, the assembly team, as well as our quality policy, guarantees the level of our equipment, and all this allows us a quick response in our service.

Abaroadrive offers all its clients, if it is of interest to them, training courses focused on basic or advanced technical knowledge or an update on the different products we sell.

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Main features: Modular and compact unit for pendular installation. Different output flanges, legs, reaction arm, … Great versatility and compatibility. Input option for IEC or NEMA standard motor. Available with male input shaft. Single or double hollow output shaft, customizable in dimensions and materials. Integrated or independent coaxial pre-reduction, as well as combined with each other to achieve very high reductions. ATEX option, identifies Directive 2014/34 / EU. The field of application extends to all equipment that is in a potentially explosive environment. CE mark, a manufacturer declares the conformity of the product with the safety and requirements established in the European regulations. It means that the product complies with all directives regarding its use, design, manufacture and marketing. Technical characteristics: One-piece aluminum alloy case. Vacuum impregnated (MIL-STD 276) for protection and sealing. No second finish is required and accepts easy painting. Combines light weight with high tensile strength, precision machined for bearing and gear alignment. Manufactured in high-strength injected aluminum or gray cast iron. One-piece alloy steel worm and input shaft. High angle of the hardened propeller (Rc 58-60), profiled and rounded teeth, to reduce noise and improve efficiency. High strength, spun bronze alloy crown in iron hub for maximum strength and superior life. Low level of rumination. Sizes 030 – 045 – 050 – 063 – 63A – 085 – 110. Nominal torque up to 978 Nm. Power from 0.06 to 11.5 kw. Reduction ratio from 1/5 to 1/10200. Lubricated for life with synthetic oil, range from -15ºC to 130ºC.

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