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19 & 20 october 2022
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Engineering, Process and Product Industrialisation. Deep Drawing, Stamping and Processing in Stainless Steel. 3D Laser Cutting and Welding. Robotized Welding.

Innovation and Experience in Metal, since 1970.

Matriçats is a company that leads the market for cold processing of stainless steel.

We are a team that is experienced in a variety of disciplines and sectors, with extensive technical expertise, a high production capacity and a constant eye for innovation.

At Matriçats we have organised our services into three distinct business lines, in order to meet the needs of our customers with the maximum speed and efficiency: product and process design, process industrialisation and serial production.

1. Product and process DESIGN.
We create or adapt the design of the product under study, always seeking the best possible balance between meeting the requirements of the customer and keeping production costs to a minimum. Based on the design agreed with the customer, we develop the manufacturing process.

We have a workshop with the resources required to industrialise the manufacturing process, where the tooling and dies included in the process design are constructed and adapted. This area is also available for subsequent maintenance of the tooling, dies, automated equipment and special machines.

We offer exclusive production techniques within the sector of drawing stainless steel and other metals. These are suitable for small, medium or large production batches. Hydraulic and mechanical presses (tonnage up to 2,000t, table dimensions up to 2,600mm). Special capacity for deep drawing up to 600mm and thicknesses up to 20mm. Ancillary technologies such as 3D laser cutting and welding stations, conventional welding stations and automated polishing and finishing stations.


* Hydraulic and mechanical presses
special presses for deep drawing + stamping + cutting
We offer our customers a range of hydraulic and mechanical presses of different tonnages and table dimensions, which are exceptional for a company of our characteristics: thicknesses of 0.5mm to 20mm, deep drawing up to 600mm, press tables up to 2,600mm, tonnage up to 2,000t with a hydraulic press and up to 650t with a mechanical press. If the project so requires, we can implement automated systems.

* 3D laser cutting and welding stations
We have three 3D laser cutting and welding stations, with which we can apply innovative techniques to the processes we undertake. Thanks to these technologies, we can satisfactorily support work involving dies, especially in short or medium batches, and complete special 3D laser cutting and welding projects.

* Automated equipment and TIG welding and processing equipment. Collaborative Robotics.
We work with automated TIG welding + resistance welding with a press + condenser unloading and transformation welding equipment, with which we are able to join different materials of various shapes.

* Rolling, cutting, edge rolling and multi-processing operations
We have a multi-processing centre operating on an axial basis, thanks to which we can increase the possibilities of diemaking work.

* Finishing, CNC polishing and degreasing stations
product finish requirements
At Matriçats we have a CNC polishing station with 2 double heads and a mobile table with 2 jigs, in order to meet process automation requirements for the surface finish. We also have a degreasing tunnel and a chip vibrator to satisfy the finish requirements on the parts.

* CAD/CAE/CAM/CNC systems
design and programming
We have CAD/CAE/CAM/CNC tools for product and process engineering. We collaborate closely with the suppliers of these high technology tools in order to obtain the very best performance from them and to optimise their use.

* CNC and conventional lathes and milling cutters
process industrialisation
With the assistance of our diemaking workshop, we offer the possibility of undertaking global projects, from design through to product manufacture. We have a wide range of machinery to cover process industrialisation needs, including the manufacture of tooling, dies, automated equipment and special machines, as well as their specific maintenance.

* Conventional or portable 3D measuring equipment dimensional control
We have a 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and conventional measuring equipment. We perform dimensional control tasks on prototype parts, serial production parts and special parts.

* 3D laser digitisation equipment
reverse engineering and dimensional control
The portable CMM equipment includes a 3D laser probe for the digitisation of actual parts. This technology is useful for the dimensional control of parts and in reverse engineering tasks. The digitisation provides us with a precise catalogue of virtual parts, based on the digital processing of actual sample parts, thereby avoiding the need for a physical warehouse.

* Automated equipment and special machines
specific applications
We offer automated equipment engineering and industrialisation. We construct special elements, tools and machines, which are not directly available on the market, in order to make the processes more viable, achieving extraordinary results.


Matriçats’ customers are found in a great variety of sectors. The services and solutions that we offer satisfy the potential needs of many different sectors, all of which seek a quality product that will efficiently meet their requirements at a minimum cost.

Transport + Water and Air Use sector
Automotive + Railway + Aeronautical + Naval Sector
Food industry + HORECA sector
Energy + Renewable Energies sector
Health + Hospital + Pharmaceutical sector
Chemical + Petrochemical sector
Agricultural + Livestock sector
Construction + Furniture and Fittings + Street Furniture sector


We have a management system by processes and departments that integrates the disciplines of Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Occupational Safety and Health Management. Since 2003, we have held ISO 9001 certification, awarded by Bureau Veritas, certificate number ES017375. We also obtain approval certificates from our customers in each of the many areas, sectors and disciplines in which we work.

Certification ISO 9001-2015

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