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17 & 18 November 2021
IFEMA, Madrid

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SolidCAM Room - Hall 7

Visit the future

During the two days, the SolidCAM Room will host specialized lectures and technical content from great speakers.

Highlight: Don’t miss Marc Vidal’s talk on the 17th from 12:00 to 12:45hs.

SolidCAM Room - November 17th

Official opening of the event

Presentation by Oscar Barranco, Divisional Director of Easyfairs Spain and Portugal.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 10:00 to 10:30 a.m.

Presentation given by AECIM

Presentation of European funds.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 10:40 to 11:10 a.m.

Presentation by SolidCAM

Conference Room 2 Sponsor

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 11:20 to 11:50hs

Keynote Speaker - Marc Vidal

Marc Vidal is considered one of the most influential figures in Digital Economy in Spain and is known for his revolutionary method to increase sales in a spectacular way and to make unknown brands relevant through technological understanding. He is a specialist in Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 12:00 to 12:45hs

Critical raw materials, a strategy for Spain

Yolanda Moratilla, Chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee of the IIE, and Carlos López Jimeno, PhD in Mining Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, will give a presentation on critical raw materials for Spain.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 12:55 to 13:25hs

Presentation given by AECIM

Presentation of the Acelera Pyme plan, of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain, which provides SMEs and self-employed with technological solutions aimed at maintaining the activity of companies and advancing in digital transformation processes.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 16:00 to 16:40hs

Presentation given by ENAC

Presentation on Quality Control

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 16:50 to 17:20hs

SolidCAM Room - November 18th

Presentation of the capabilities of HEFESTO multilayer fire and high temperature protection for CFRP, GFRP or general plastics structures.

The HEFESTO project is an innovation action approved by the European Commission in the framework of Clean Sky 2, within the European research program H2020. The project has been developed by the consortium formed by the Navarra Industry Association and SOGECLAIR aerospace S.A.

The initial objectives of HEFESTO as expressed in the proposal phase and in the grant agreement were the development of a multilayer coating and the demonstration of its ability to effectively thermally insulate and protect in fire conditions a composite structure (CFRP) to withstand the operating conditions and the risk of fire in the vicinity of a helicopter engine.

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ROOM 2 - Hall 7 10:00 to 10:30hs

Laser diode-based solutions for heat-assisted metal processing

Monocrom is presenting laser bar-based solutions for different types of material processing (selection). Starting with high-power direct-diode solutions made for spin- and roll-forming to increase yield and process accuracy. Especially for the latter these solutions can be used to tackle issues with crack forming and spring-back when it comes to form ultra-high strength steel sorts. Moreover, our solutions can be used at the end of the process to release the accumulated stress during the forming procedure to increase the accuracy and the compliance to customer demands. Similar diode laser bar-based systems can be incorporated into servo-press for stamping applications. Due to the localized and well controlled energy deposition, that causes a higher formability, we are able to extend the tooling life-cycle and thus, the up-time of your machine park. And last but not least, we are also serving spin-forming applications with our high-power, laser bar-based fiber coupled solutions. Besides these examples we are highly flexible to adapt our systems to our customers needs.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 10:40 to 11:10hs

Success stories: Projects and equipment of trains with specific metallic materials. Advances by Embedding and 3d Laser in sheet metal forming.

Albert Pi, Technical Sales Director of MATRIÇATS, will be in charge of the presentation.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 11:20 to 11:50hs

Presentation given by Dassaul Systems

Speaker to be confirmed.

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 12:00 to 12:30hs

New innovation community to transform Europe's manufacturing industry

Panel discussion offered by EIT Manufacturing in which all the company’s services and success stories will be presented.

SALA 2 - Pabellón 7 12:40 a 13:15hs


Block on surface treatment. Contents to be confirmed

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 15:30 to 18:00hs


Block on surface treatment. Contents to be confirmed

ROOM 2 - Hall 7 15:30 to 18:00hs

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